Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fuck the Police Comin' Straight from the Underground

This is a repost of something disturbing that we read today:

"There was a show at the LIQUID LOUNGE, even though the flyer said Lizard lounge, and it WASN'T free, for some of our Dallas derby girls. I met up with Amanda outside of Elm St. Tattoo, and there was a derby girl skating from the bar across the street to the tattoo parlor. No big deal. But a cop stopped her to give her a ticket. Well, she gave some attitude, but went with it. Kept her hands on the car while he wrote her a ticket. I crossed the street to the bar, and another skater went past me, nothing happened to her, even though her friend was getting a ticket for skating in the street.... very wierd. I turned back around to look at the girl and the cop, and I see him wrestling her to the ground. She's screaming, this tiny girl, is struggling, while about 50 people gather and start yelling. Turns out someone on the sidewalk yelled something to her, she turned to see the person, took her hands off of the car, and the cop got pissed. She gave attitude, I think he shoved her back on the car, so she stuggled back up, and he shoved her around. He was at least 200 pounds. She was about 100. Her face was bloody. I have a few pictures. I was questions, they got my info to call me. I hope they do. Honestly, this whole mess makes me fucking sick and sad. I want to be a cop, so it's not like I'm against them. About 6 more cop cars showed up. 18 cops. One ambulance. They're treating us, including us ones trying to be helpful and nice, like shit. And when we're explaining it to other people, they yelling at us, and threating us "we'll give you tickets for standing on the street, we don't care!" What.... what the hell? How ignorant. The girl got checked up, seemed fine, and then they took her off to jail. I only have a picture pictures. Some of them are insanely huge to show detail.Here she is waiting for her ticket. I think most passerbyers think she's getting it for prostitution or something, but you can see she's wearing skates.

Heres the link to the pictures:

PICS: Warning, these are sort of graphic. (sorry, you have to be a myspace member to access them.)


Blogger zak said...

Whoa. Nice work from our boys in blue there. Arresting and beating up a roller girl instead of controlling all those rowdy thugs that have helped to make Deep Ellum suck. A+ job. Glad their priorities are straight.

Whoever took those pics... great work.

7:50 PM  

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