Friday, January 06, 2006

Heres how this site will work

1. Every day, I will post "Today's 'It' List" which will contain items of interest for they day such as good shows, parties, Dj nights or whatever. You can send information that you want me to write about to:, and if it sounds good, I'll post about it. You can also send me pictures, albums for review, or anything else. If nothing is going on that day, I will simply not post an "it" list.

2. There will be two lists of local Dallas bands that both change from time to time. One will be the "It" list and the other will be the "Shit list." This is self explanatory.

3. Most days I will write a little something. Usually about Dallas music, but sometimes about bands from outside of Dallas, politics, art, books, whatever. Some days I will make multiple posts and some days I won't make any. But you'll see new stuff all the time. If you would like to write something and post it, email it to me and I will consider adding it, and will give you full credit for it if I do.

4. I can be pretty rude sometimes. Just remember that a lot of the offensive things I say should be taken lightly.



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