Friday, January 20, 2006

The "It" List for Friday 1/20/06

1. Mazinga Phaser II, Linea Triste (the Cavern downstairs): Come early to see two of the more interesting local bands playing right now. Both do dreamy electronic drone kinda stuff, with Linea Triste focusing more on ambient, while Mazinga seems to go for more melodic, shoegazer type stuff. Both say that they are influenced by Brian Eno, which is refreshing to hear in a town where Flicker Stick still packs em in. Mazinga's Myspace page is linked in a post below, and here is Linea Triste's.

2. Bosque Brown (Rubber Gloves, Denton): This much hyped about folkie is supposed to be ready to wow the world at SXSW in March. Although we're not sure whether that will happen or not, we know that she's got a nice Joanna Newson-Mazzy Star sad country thing going on with some pretty good tunes to boot. We're going to do a little write up about her later on as part of our SXSW local preview.

3. UP with DJ CJMacPhie (Cavern Upstairs): Guess the Cavern is the place to be for good music in Dallas tonight. Go listen to Mazina and Linea downstairs, then head up to hear a good selection of post punk, brit pop, psyche and lots of other stuff.

4. Centro-Matic (wreck room, Fort Worth): I know we posted about them last night, but what the fuck else are you going to do in Fort Worth? Tip a cow?


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