Friday, January 13, 2006

The "It" List Friday 1.13.06

Its Friday the 13th, and while we don't believe in black magic and that kind of thing, we think that lightning might strike at the Pimpadelic show in Fort Worth (please Lord Jesus, can it?) maybe Jesus doesn't have anything to do with Friday the 13th, but can we call the Vatican and make it a sin to listen to local rap metal already? Who the fuck is going to these shows aside from the bands' parents and convicted felons... and strippers? We don't even think assholes like this shit anymore.

1. Cry Blood Apache/ Eat Avery's Bones (Avenue Arts, 825 Exposition Ave): EDIT: We've been told that EAB is from DENTON not Austin, sorry about that. We've also been told that they are a relatively new band, and that they don't use drum machines. Is my face red? Anyway, they still seem loud and fun, and so does Cry Blood Apache's strangeness. The show starts at midnight, its BYOB, all ages, and the last we heard, its free. No reason not to at least stop by before hitting the after hours circuit. (There is a rumor that strange boys are playing this show too, but no one knows for sure.... we'll give you the details if we hear anything.)

2. Jack with One Eye (8pm Darkside Lounge): Someone sent us some info about this band and we kinda like em. They remind us of Elastica and have a pretty good lead singer, and thats a good thing last time we checked. The other bands on the bill we've never really heard with the exception of Golden Falcon, so we can't really recommend them. But Jack with One Eye opens at 8... a good place to start the night perhaps. If you know anything about unconscious Collective, Mazinga Phaser II, Dreamtigers, etc, send us an email and let us know... maybe we can recommend them too.

(ANOTHER UPDATE: Someone sent us a link to Mazinga's Myspace page, and they sound pretty good. Probably worth checking out. If anyone goes to these shows and has pictures or something to say about them, send us an email and let us know.)



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