Saturday, January 14, 2006

The "It" List: Saturday 1/14/06

Lots to do, lots to do. We're going to be all over the place tonight: Doublewide, maybe the Cavern, and then some house parties. Thats the plans:

1. Strange Boys/Undoing of David Wright/Attractive and Popular (Double Wide): Um, so the strange boys are great, and they play everywhere all the time. If you haven't seen them you probably should, as they put on a loud as fuck live show and their drummer will amaze you. Undoing of David Wright is a goddamn spectacle, and they've got some catchy, danceable songs worth seeing live even if your favorite band is Third Eye Blind. Attractive and Popular also sound good based on their myspace page, but we've never seen them live, unlike the other two. Show up early and see what they're all about. (PS- once we get our file hosting thing going, we'll post some strange boys mp3s, since their myspace page doesn't have any. Which is um, strange.)

2. Bosque Brown (The Cavern): So theres some buzz about this show, according to the Observer, and maybe for good reason. This is probably the only artist in DFW we can think of that could be categorized as part of the neo folk movement that got so much attention in 04 and 05, and the singer sounds like Joanna Newsom with more of a country twang. Probably worth checking out. We also just wanted to post a picture of the unbelievably cute Joanna Newsom, so we did.

3. Dj Nitwit Psychic Drive In (Fallout): Good selection of mindfuck videos mixed in with really funny ones, and some good music as well. A place to go for a chilled out Saturday eve.

More to come...


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