Saturday, January 21, 2006

The It List Saturday 1/21/06

1. Art Prostitute: Dj set by Dj Nature (one of our new favorites in DFW) and the art of Steven Harrington and Justin Krietmeyer of National Forest. Its at art prostitute in Denton from 7-11pm, located at 210 Hickory. Phone #: 940-381-1526. Go see a DJ thats played with MIA, and some local art (we haven't seen it, so tell us how it is).

2. Mazinga Phaser/ Faux Fox (Rubber Gloves): Even though their show wasn't great last night, we still like Mazinga and think its worth checking out. Faux Fox also sounds interesting, so go early to see them if you are in Denton tonight.

UPDATE: We're also told that there is a show at Santuary Studios tonight... not sure about the bands though, but its BYOB and almost always interesting, so you should go check it out. Near the corner of Maple and King's Road, uptown.

Thats it.


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