Saturday, January 07, 2006

The "It" List: Saturday 1/7/06

1. Black Angels/Blackheart Society- Dark Side Lounge (Deep Ellum): The Black Angels ep is fantastic; it sounds like Ian Curtis fronting Velvet Underground and playing Brian Jonestown Massacre songs. They are a local Austin band but are getting national attention due in my opinion to the fact that unlike most local bands, they actually have a good singer. Blackheart Society have a pretty good cover of Syd Barrett's Gigolo Aunt on their Myspace page, but thats about all we know of them, other than that their singer seems to really like Neil Young.

2. Happy Bullets- Double Wide: Now that the Strokes sound like Batman, maybe we can go to this show and just pretend that opening band the Valentines is the Strokes. Its too bad because they look like nice kids, and they're actually a pretty good little pop band. I just know that the first time I heard their songs, I felt like I had already heard them 8 million times over the past four years. Then I realized I had. Oh well, they're playing with Happy Bullets, so it might be worth checking out just for the funk of it, considering you can hear a little Arcade Fire in em too.

3. DJ Nitwit Psychic Drive In- Fallout Lounge: The crowd usually sucks at this thing, but the music and videos are great. I recommend getting high before you go.

4. Black Arm Band/Mazinga Phaser II/ Unconscience Collective- Sanctuary Studios: I don't know anything about these bands, but shows at Sanctuary are usually interesting. The last time I was there I saw some industrial band playing jackhammers while some kid screamed into a microphone with his pants off. Thats always worth checking out since its only 5 bucks and BYOB.

Thats all for tonight: email us with any more info.


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