Thursday, January 19, 2006

The "It" List Thursday 1/19/06

1. Centro-Matic (Dan's Silverleaf Denton): We haven't listened to these guys in a long time, but remember liking them quite a bit back in the diz. Solid alt-country, none of that pretty boy Ryan Adams bullshit.

2. Mile End w/ Dj Laureen (Fallout Lounge): For the love of Christ if you're gonna go to Expo park on Thursday nights, go listen to some good music instead of some jack ass singing "Paradise City." Won't you?

3. Wild In the Streets: The growing buzz about this night continues in Denton, and tonight it travels down to Dallas. Go see what its all about.

(If anyone knows of anything else going on tonight, drop us a line and let us know:


Blogger Eric Grubbs said...

I'm glad to see Centro-matic is back in action. They still put on an incredible show after all these years.

12:35 PM  

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