Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More on Dallas Police and Roller Girl Beating

So, Channel 8 has a new report (you will find it on the bottom of their homepage) on the incident in Deep Ellum involving the possible use of excessive force by a police officer against a girl on rollerskates. Tonight's report, along with last night's report, revealed some things that we didn't know about the incident:

1. The officer in question claims that she tried to harm him physically, and that she at one point attempted to "gouge his eyes."

2. Both witnesses interviewed in the reports claim that the officer used excessive force, and that the girl was not at fault.

3. The girl was arrested for assault on a peace officer, and as far as we know, those charges have not been dropped.

4. The Dallas Police Department has commenced an internal investigation into the incident.

5. The officer in question has a "lengthy" internal affairs investigation profile, including six allegations of use of excessive force since 1994, and has been disciplined twice during his career for escalating an incident, as well as for something along the lines of conduct unbecoming of a police officer.

6. The officer has also been given awards for good service.

7. The officer was also treated for minor bruises.

Some people have been asking that stories about this incident be kept quite for a while, but we decided that since this is all public information, we would go ahead and publish it. However, we will wait to pass judgment until the full story is out there, which it doesn't appear to be just yet. The pictures of the incident, which we linked to below, are pretty grotesque, but we really don't want to formulate any kind of opinion about fault until more facts come out. We recognize that the Dallas police have a tough job, but if the incident went down the way the witnesses claim, then the city might have a very valid lawsuit on its hands, especially considering the pattern of unacceptable behavior that this officer seems to have. We'll see what happens.


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