Monday, January 16, 2006

More on Roller Girl

We're copying and pasting this update about the girl who got beat up in Deep Ellum the other night. No, it wasn't by one of those assclowns in the rented Hummer with t.v.s in the back and neon lights on the bottom that drive up and down Elm street looking for meth, but rather the people that are supposed to be protecting us from those guys... la policia. Hey jerk offs, aren't you supposed to be working on making this NOT the worst city for crime in the United States (which it has been for a couple years)? Once we get all the rollerskates out of Dallas, freedom will be on the march! Heres the post:

"Date: Jan 16, 2006 3:16 PM Subject: Update on ACD Derby Girl (Muff-Michelle) & Police Brutality Body: FWD: For all those concerned, Michelle is doing as well as expected and has contacted her lawyers. When she gets more info from her lawyers, she will then contact witnesses. Due to the number of people that witnessed the incident, there are many, many different accounts of the story, and some of these accounts have been misconstrued. It's in Michelle's best interest for the different stories to stop, but for the pictures to keep circulating. Once again, when she's heard from her lawyers, we can then proceed to see if it will be beneficial to post an accurate description of the incident. Michelle can not express her gratitude enough for everyone who has stepped up for her defense and brought awareness to her issue. Please repost THIS bulletin so everyone knows the current status of Michelle's situation.

Thank you all for your help,Christina and Samantha"



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Blogger stonedranger said...

go fuck yourself. We don't want junk ads on this site, which is why we don't have any ads here... period. We're leaving this up as an example of what NOT to post on the comment page. All others will be deleted as soon as they are posted.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder why so quiet here? Not too musical a topic to post an opinion for all you future suburban taxpayers? :)
(I found this news on Russian (of all) site. There was about 150 posts mainly revolving about the question "if a white cop did this to a black chick at a rap concert, how loud and tearful would the stink be by now?" I suppose Americans might be more interested in "police brutality/state" issues... but 0 real comments?)

10:30 PM  

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