Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Heart Is a Machine

Heres a little gem we found on Myspace. These guys look young, like high school young, but we're not sure exactly how old they are. They've certainly got a little Belle and Sebastian/Elephant 6/Decemberists thing going on, and what we like most about the one song they have on their Myspace page is that these guys can actually kinda sing. There is obviously some pop songwriting talent in this group, and given some time, I could see this band starting to get a nice little following in the DF to da W. Lets hope they are ready to experiment a little more with their sound. They are playing their first show tonight at Rubber Gloves in Denton.


Anonymous scott said...

my heart is a machine is definately best new band, in my eyes.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

these guys found their way into some hearts in Cleveland. they better stop smoking so much dope and record an album already.

12:24 PM  

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