Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No "It" List for Tuesday 1/10/06

Nuttin doin' in Dallas the past couple days. Can't say that we are shocked. If you have any events or anything else going on that you want us to write about, drop us a line at weshotjr@yahoo.com

We have already heard that people have been speculating about our identity at shows and things like that. Keep on knockin cuz you can't come in, sucka. Trust us. The reason that we want to keep our identity secret is that we plan on trashing some local bands, clubs, etc. We won't get gossipy on here, but if a show or an album sucks, we'll tell you about it unless its so obvious that we don't even need to cover it (for example, "gee that new Rocket Summer song really sucks." Of course it sucks, and if you're reading this blog, you probably don't need us to tell you that, although we might just for kicks.) We're not planning on being mean all the time, but its so easy, especially when it comes to Dallas emo bands.

Starting tomorrow, we will be publishing a list of our favorite records of 2005 overall, as a preview to what we hope will be a regular feature on here: album reviews. After our year end list, we're going to focus on local albums mostly, although we'll tell you what we're listening to from time to time. Someone has already promised us an advance of the new Tah Dahs record, so hopefully we'll have that soon.



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