Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SXSW: The Local List

So we took the time to read through the current list of confirmed performers at SXSW to find all the local acts. Some we know quite well, others we haven't ever heard of. We decided that we would give you the list, and then go listen to all of the bands/artists on the list and give you our take on them one by one. We'll start this some time this week, and we'll check back with the sxsw site to see if any more local bands have been added, since the list is apparently incomplete. For now, here is the list of local acts:

- Best Fwends (Denton)
- Bosque Brown (Fort Worth)
- Burden Brothers (gross)
- Centro-Matic (Denton)
- Collin Herring (Fort Worth)
- Donal Hinley (Denton)
- Salim Nourallah (Dallas)
- Pilotdrift (Texarkana)
- South San Gabriel (Denton)
- Theater Fire (Fort Worth)

Way to go Dallas, a whole TWO bands... neither of which are very cool! I wonder if Happy Bullets, Tah Dahs, Strange Boys, etc. got bids.


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