Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Undoing Continues: Undoing of David Wright Mp3

So we're giving this whole file storage thing a try by posting a couple Mp3s by one of our new favorite local bands, the Undoing of David Wright. If these links don't work for some reason, let us know and we'll try to fix them.

These songs are just a little taste however, my friends. You really need to go see them live, like now. And if the crowds are as big as the one at Double Wide last weekend, the shows will be even more fun... and you can also go to their website for more info about shows and all that goings on.

The Mp3:

Heres one

Heres the other

( I guess these links take you to another page where you can download the file... Well, its a start isn't it? By the way, we just checked and the downloads work fine.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt... The Undoing of David Wright are one of the best bands in Texas. They have this "badass" look to them but they are awesome guys....for real. They appreciate everything anyone does for them and (along w/ the strange boys) are trying to foster the local "scene" (of artists, venues, bands, etc)into something great (something they believe it SHOULD be...not something they bitch about b/c it isn't).

I fully expect to hear about this band playing all over the world someday (they'll probably still be 'underground"....but you tell me europe and japan wouldn't love this shit)

11:08 AM  

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