Thursday, February 02, 2006

DJ G @ The Cavern and why Dallas does or does not suck

First things first, we stopped by the Cavern tonight to check out DJ G's set, and we've gotta say it was pretty goddamn solid. It is 80's music, but its not lame flashback cafe crap. In fact, we have never heard most of what he played before, and the stuff we had heard before was right on the money. Just really good dance synth new wavey house music that was a pleasure to listen to. And although the crowd was small, most of the people who were there were attractive, dancing their asses off, and seemed to be having a blast. Lets hope that the crowds get bigger, because this could be a pretty fun excuse to show up to work hung over on Thursday morning.

Also, theres a pretty good discussion about Dallas music going on in this here comment thread, and we were hoping that some other people would join in.

We'll give you our #1 album of 2005 some time tomorrow, along with some other stuff. CYA


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