Thursday, February 02, 2006


So, a gentleman by the name of James Watkins sent us an email to turn us on to some new shit going down in Ft. Worth. Yes, that Ft. Worth. We told James that we really hadn't ever hung out there, and didn't know much about our neighbor to the west... but we really like the sound of what he's saying. Here is part of his email to us:

"in a nutshell, Aaron Bartz, several other artists, musicians, and myself have joined forces to try to put some zing into Cowtown. We are putting together a DIY non-profit community arts and performance space, the Metrognome Collective. We are in partnership with the not-for-profit that runs Untitled #1518, an 11,000 sf warehouse in the mission district on Lancaster that rents out studio space to artists and musicians for $0.50 per square foot per month. Our organization is currently subleasing a 2500 sf room in the building. We built a 16'x20' stage, we are wiring a nice sound system, and soon we will be trying to get a video projector and some lights. We are also working on our website and a couple of press releases"

Hmmm... interesting. So far so good. Next, he tells us this:

"Our first show is tomorrow night, Bosque Brown and Shiny Around the Edges are playing, and Zest of Yore is playing on Saturday. Over the next month, we plan to finish out another 800 sf room to make a gallery space for visual artists. We are planning to open the gallery for Fort Worth Gallery night April 1, and we are on the tour bus route for that. We are also in production on our first quarterly arts journal that will profile DFWD Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers and Writers, and we plan in the next few months to start doing regular independent, student and experimental film screenings, writers workshops, and instructional workshops for artists on getting grants, promotions, agents, booking, and all of the industry skills necessary to make the difficult transition into being full-time artists."

Yes, their first show is with Bosque Brown tomorrow night at what looks like a really cool space. I think we're gonna stop by and say hello tomorrow night. Its nice to see this going on in Ft. Worth. We're also looking forward to the art and film things. This is the kind of shit that will make DFW a place for good music again. Cheers, guys. Oh, heres their Myspace page if you want more information, like their address and stuff. We'll post more in tomorrow's It list.


Blogger zak said...

Now this is what we are talking about! I like this quite a bit.

1:53 AM  
Blogger stonedranger said...

so do we. You should get some friends together and make the drive out to Fort Worth tomorrow. We will be there, and although we are keeping our identity secret, you can have fun trying to figure out who we are.

2:37 AM  

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