Sunday, February 26, 2006

The It List: Sunday 2/26/06

So we've caught some shit from a few people for being into Red Monroe, not to mention Hourly Radio (people sent us emails about how much both bands suck), but thats ok. Cuz we're good enough, and smart enough, and you know the rest. But if you doubt whether either of these bands is worth a shit, why don't you go check them out for FREE tonight at the Darkside Lounge? Red Monroe goes on at 10, Hourly Radio is on at 11. We must admit that we've never seen them live before, but we like what we hear on record. Oh, and if you're going to see Coldplay and Fiona Apple for $47 tonight, then get off my goddamn website.

1. Hourly Radio/Red Monroe (Darkside Lounge- Deep Ellum) FREE

2. Wild In the Streets (Hailey's Denton): Mods and such. You know the drill.

And finally, if you don't feel like going out but you also don't want to tune in to the Adventure Club's "All Coldplay" show live from wherever they're playing, you might want to listen to:

3. Frequency Down on 88.1 KNTU at 10pm. Frank the tank says he'll be playing:

"NEW Flaming Lips, Buzzcocks & Abbey,!Also songs from The New Amsterdams, Single Frame, Sonic Youth, Tigerbaby, Autolux, Essex Green, Metric, Mates of State, Super Love Attack, The Hourly Radio, Voxtrot, Voot Cha Index, Reggie & the Full Effect, Electric 6, The Life & Times, Arcade Fire, Yo La Tengo, The Melvins, The Riverboat Gamblers AND SO MUCH MORE!!!"

So stick it to Clear Channel twice tonight by skipping out on Coldplay and the adventure club, and instead go to a good FREE show or listen to a great non-commercial radio program. By the way, is Voxtrot the best band in Austin right now? I think they might be.

We'll have more for you later tonight, including a write up of that Undoing of David Wright show last night...

AND BY THE WAY: Vote for the JR polls on the sidebar dog...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"mods"? you advocate for this? i'd rather bang my head to some happy hardcore anthems and fall into a k-hole.

6:38 PM  
Blogger stonedranger said...

well not really for mods per se, but more the music that gets played at Wild In the Streets. Which I guess doesn't even have to be called "mod." Its 60's garage and soul, etc. which we DO like.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous ntbb said...

labels schmabels, hang it up and just have fun with music Mr.Anonymous

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Anonymous said...

we were only using the label that those kids use themselves. our critique nears what you've said. it's just always funny when you see someone drive a scooter around in a flat-bed truck while waiting in lower greenville traffic, park it blocks away from a bar, remove the scooter and drive it up to the curb in front of their destination as if they've been riding it all along. all this presumably to preserve their stake in this role. good shit. i guess it's too rough to forgo part of the costume.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Lance said...

Coldplay/Fiona Apple, soooooo tired. But I guess some people do like them. their loss

60's/mod/Wild in the Streets is good.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous lisa said...

dj wild in the streets here... (lately I hear peeps refer to the night as "wild in the streets" rather than the dj, but whatever floats ya's fine with me)

Now, now ... I try not to call it a mod night, since some purists go into a tizzy if I stray outside their preconceived boundaries of what that should mean.

I usually describe it as garage, international pop, soul, go-go, freakbeat, indiepop, soundtracks, etc. It's actually pretty fun, and we've had a good turnout of kids who wanna dance to this stuff. You may picture a gaggle of pretentious hipster kids, but we're a bunch of goofs who like to throw down and dance to old music.

It's no happy hardcore, but I'm sure there's still enough remnants of that around to sate the first commentor on this thread.

And thanks for the nice words, guys!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Gabriel said...

DJ Wild in the Streets does a great night. I suggest Mr. Anonymous go check it out sometimes. I guarantee you will opened to more new great music than any happy hardcore show. Like Lisa said, it's just a bunch of people having a good time. No uniform is required. Plus the dancing isn't a full contact sport like a hardcore show.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, did we go to the Red Monroe/ Hourly Radio show this weekend or what?

4:11 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

And it's worth noting that, while Wild in the Streets is my dj persona, Sunday nights wouldn't be quite the success they've been lately were it not for guest deejays like a certain Gabriel, as well as Marcos, Erick & Justin, and the dancin regulars who show up and keep it going. Full disclosure, ite?

But yeah, people who regularly drive up from Dallas for a dance night in Li'l D are tops in my book.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous djtigerbee said...

have fun while you're alive kiddos and don't look around your shoulder to see who's watching.

5:30 PM  

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