Sunday, February 26, 2006

Undoing of David Wright Last Night

The Eighth Continent is a house. Or actually its the basement/garage part of a house. The ceilings are low. Its smoky and dark, and it makes you feel claustrophobic even when its not entirely full. Its BYOB, its makeshift, and its hard to find if you've never been before, tucked away in a residential neighborhood in Denton. In short its a great place to see underground music, particularly when the band you're watching is one of the best live bands in Dallas/Denton/Fort Worth and the audience is made up mostly of rabid fans dancing like crazy throughout their entire set.

From what we can tell, The Eighth Continent is actually part of a house owned and/or lived in by Lars from Undoing of David Wright, and the large garage area beneath the house has been renovated and made into a music venue complete with a small stage and a space for a DJ booth. But you shouldn't be picturing a garage, because it really doesn't look or feel like one... its more like an old basement bar than anything else, and the set up is actually pretty fantastic. The stage is against the far wall of the space when you walk in, and there is an equally good place to see it from all three sides surrounding it, maximizing the available room (which can probably fit about 75 people). There are places to sit inside, and an outside area to cool down in front. The sound was a bit muffled last night, but its pretty goddamn good all things considered, and this was apparently the first show they've had there, which makes the quality of the mix even more impressive. Basically, it seems like a place where something memorable could happen.

Oh yeah, the band played too... and as usual they were tight as shit (didn't seem to miss a note), running through a set of loud, danceable no wave/post-hardcore that pretty much kicked everyone's ass (you could tell by looking at them). Most of the people there were obviously huge fans, which made it really fun to just sit back and watch the whole thing from time to time as the rest of the audience continued to go fucking nuts. People that were actually there to have fun were having fun, there was lots of smoke, a cheap cover, no four dollar Bud Lights or asshole bartenders, no Deep Ellum cops or problems parking, and a great band onstage that actually puts on a show thats worth two shits. Maybe stuff like this should happen every weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Heather Larsen and I am the wife of Lars. Him and I own the venue and run it. I just wanted to say a huge thanks for acknowledging all of the hard work that us and many devoted friends have put into it. We DO live in the house directly above the venue and there are a few small downfalls like the location and the fact that it is "makeshift" but we know exactly what we are working on and what we are expecting to create so thank you for coming out and we hope to see you soon.
Heather Larsen

5:58 PM  
Anonymous ntbb said...

thanks for giving the rundown on a new venue, refreshing to see DIY still in effect.

11:49 PM  
Blogger ponderous95 said...

I was one of those rabid fans. The place is gonna blow up. Its exciting.

10:13 PM  

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