Saturday, March 04, 2006

It List: Saturday 3/4/6

Once again there is some good stuff going on tonight, and most of it isn't in Dallas. Shocked? We're not.

1. Ariel Pink/Belong (Hailey's Denton): If you haven't heard Ariel Pink before, you should really give him a listen. It is like perfect pop music being played in the apartment next door. You can hear it but you can barely make out any of the details, even though you can tell that there are details and that they are good. A truly unique artist. His live shows are known to be hit or miss, so you might not love what you see tonight. But you'll sure remember it. Belong is a strange noise band.

2. Strange Boys/Cry Blood Apache/Blonde Girls/Eat Avery's Bones- Metrognome Collective (1518 E. Lancaster Ft. Worth): An exciting DIY music venue/art space in Fort Worth featuring a show by a couple promising local bands and another good one from Austin. It is BYOB and five bucks. The EAB people suggest you get there around 11 to see their set.

3. DJ G (Avenue Arts 825 Exposition Ave): Dj G will go on at midnight or so. The last time we went to one of these Melissa parties, Dj G played a great set of rare disco, house, and a bunch of other stuff we've never heard before. It was pretty fantastic. Hopefully it will be the same tonight. He'll supposedly be spinning till 4, so this could be a great after hours spot tonight. Its $8 and BYOB.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't forget salim nourallah and i love math at the allgood tonight!

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm stayin home 2night cuz my man dun give mei krabs :(! no ariel pink for m3!

5:51 PM  
Anonymous eat avery's bones said...

time correction: we'll be playing around 10 rather than 11 tonight.

doors at 9ish!

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone who hasn't seen Cry Blood Apache should do themselves a favor and see them w/ the strange boys and eat averys bones tonight... the show @ avenue arts center last night was pretty cool (though very underattended)... the individual bands played fairly standard sets (i can't say if CBAs was standard or not b/c i haven't seen them before)... but after the SBs finished their set members of both bands (and a few friends) started just sorta fucking around, which was a lot of fun to see... the singer from CBA doing call-and-responce-style singing w/ Ryan from the strange boys while tom drums are wildly beaten, CBAs strange effect ridden errrr stuff going on, two effect ridden guitars... my ears are still ringing... i wish i'd been able to stay there past about 3am b/c it seemed like things were getting interesting again right as we hauled off... if the metrognome is as interesting a place as the Avenue Arts Center you can expect something interesting to happen as the night progresses.

6:51 PM  
Blogger URn said...

Oh, the Metrognome is as interesting. We had an all out SB, CBA, UofDW, TTXQ after hours rock session that scared the homeless of our area away. They found a bridge and stayed there. We actually had to turn the amps off to make the Metrognome patron, who decided it would be a good idea to piss in the corner of our gallery because he "didn't think it was that big of a deal", go home.

Here's the deal...we know we're a little bit different run-down-yet-fixed-up space in a not-so-fantastic area of Fort Worth, but for future visitors' reference, there are bathrooms and an enormous parking lot to piss/puke in. We don't want to find or hear about your little mistakes in areas of the building that aren't our own to clean up later on. Don't have us get bitter about humans. We really want to believe in you.

4:00 AM  

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