Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It List: Tuesday 3/21/06

I bet bands like Radio 4, Chinese Stars and Moving Units are pretty pissed off about the success of We Are Scientists, who are playing tonight at The Granada (blah). While Franz Ferdinand sells millions of records and the Scientists are off getting their pictures taken in English phone booths and shit, commercial success seems to have passed by those other bands, who have been brushed off as little more than a passing fad. And I guess We Are Scientists are pretty decent (and much better than Radio 4 for example), though they really aren't doing anything new or innovative. Not that innovation really matters when you've got the songwriting chops, but the band doesn't seem to be quite there yet. All in all their debut is pretty solid, and I would recommend going to their show tonight if you're curious about all the hype and have a little money to burn (and you don't mind risking a shitty sound arrangement at the Granada). If you don't have the money, then I would suggest stopping by the Cavern for the Lost Generation with Wanz. There you will hear many of the bands that influenced many of the bands that influenced We Are Scientists, plus a lot of other rare shit that you won't see referenced on MTv2 or Spin. And the last time I checked, that is a good thing.


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