Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It seems like every year since 2001, there have been three or four new songs each year that have come out and just completely kicked my ass right off the bat. You know, the kind of song that just floors you right from the start (White Stripes, Radiohead, Russian Futurists, LCD Soundsystem, Liars, Junior Senior, Akron/Family and Devendra Banhart have all done this to me in the past.)

And aside from the new Liars record, there hadn't been much that really blew me away this year... until I heard Feathers' record.

In case you didn't know, Feathers did a lot of the backing music for Cripple Crow, Devendra Banhart's last album, and have released their self titled debut on Banhart's record label Gnomosong. Although the rest of the album isn't quite as strong as the track below, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite releases this year, and probably deserved a slightly higher rating than the 7.7 it got over at Pitchfork (although it is a pretty positive review). Listen for yourself:

"Old Black Hat with a Dandelion Flower" MP3


Anonymous zak said...

I'll give this a listen... I liked your last list and it made me go out and listen to some stuff.

I get un-motivated this time of year for new stuff sometimes.

I have been listening to old stuff, bought a Talking Heads remaster to see if the sound was worth the price, same thing with a CAN remaster. Plus just revisiting old cds of mine.

Only new stuff I have liked so far is that Liars, Tapes n Tapes, Pink Mountaintops, Black Angels and I have to admit that I kinda like that Band of Horses... nothing ground breaking or new but enjoyable. I'm behind though...

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Carlin said...

I'll be at The Cavern for The Glass Family, Zookeeper & Blackheart Society show. Like what I've heard from Glass Family, so looking forward to seeing them live.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous trivia said...

Glass Famaily and Zookeeper both have ex-members of the Gloria Record and MINERAL as in the EMO band that predates emo, making them on of the cool proto-Emo bands (see Cap'n Jazz, early Braid, early Sunny Day Real Estate)

7:24 PM  

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