Sunday, June 18, 2006

It List: Sunday 6/18/06

I suppose I don't need to tell anyone that the Mavs game is on @ 8 tonight (although I guess I just did). The word is that Avery moved the team out of their plush hotel near South Beach and shipped em 45 minutes away to some suburban chain hotel. He's also not allowing them to hang out with friends and family as much. Good move. It seems that the Mavs went down there ready to relax and wrap the whole thing up, but now they know, as well as we do, that there is still a lot of work left to be done. I would stop short of calling this game a "must win," because no matter what, we'll have the two games back in Dallas if we need them. In fact, even though everything seems to be going Miami's way, I would say that this is a must win for THEM, because I don't see them (or anyone else) winning two in a row in Dallas.

Stack's absence is probably going to hurt, but it might also inspire the rest of the guys to get pissed, step up and have big games, even if they failed to do so in the San Antonio series when Terry was suspended. Although we all want Stack in the game, I don't think his absence will hurt as much as Terry's did, and I still feel like we have a good shot at winning this game. Lets hope so. And where the hell has Devin Harris disappeared to by the way?

Broadcast Sea/ Exit the King/ The Great Tyrant/ Man is Mostly Water (Rubber Gloves): Stoner rock, black metal, ambient noise, prog metal... it seems that there has been a resurgence of interest in these sounds recently, and I guess this is the show where some of the local incarnations of this sound are being showcased. Although we're not totally crazy about Broadcast Sea as of yet, we think they, along with Exit the King and the wonderful Great Tyrant, are certainly worth checking out even if the aforementioned genres aren't really your thing. Great Tyrant is certainly one of the most adventurous bands in the area right now, and should be experienced at least once.


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great tyrant and man is mostly water are awesome, i love when man is mostly water plays in front of the stage at rubber gloves, and jared is an amazing drummer.

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