Friday, June 02, 2006

New Oneida

Not that we're trying to be an MP3 blog or something, but we just wanted to share with you a track by Brooklyn's Oneida. Their new album Happy New Year is coming out July 11th, and its absolutely fantastic. Really, get ready for them to finally pick up some of the press attention and buzz that they have deserved all these years, because Happy New Year is truly the crowning achievement of their already impressive career.

Its really hard to describe what these guys sound like, and the new record doesn't make it any easier. Its very eclectic, with all kinds of pop, pysche, kraut and electro influences showing up throughout, and a very cohesive sound that can only be described as "Oneidaesque" tying everything together in the background. This all made it very difficult for us to pick out a track to post here, but we decided to go with the one below. While some of their new songs sound like Paul Simon under water on a boatload of acid, others sound like Yes and Neu!, and still others remind me of what Crosby Stills and Nash might have sounded like if they had started out in 1978 in New York. Or something like that. The track below doesn't really sound like any of this. Just listen:

"The Misfit" Mp3


Anonymous del said...

saw them live at RGRS several years ago -- very good live

4:07 PM  
Anonymous samantha m said...

saw oneida at tonic couple of years ago at cmj - damnnnn. someone played me something new the other day, but i was, um, in an inebriated haze. something about children's chorus and all that. wish i could hear the song. need to get spkrs that work

good mp3 blogs are nice. you should do this more often.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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