Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun Fun Fun on the Austinbahn

In case you hadn't heard about it yet, we wanted to hip you guys to the Fun Fun Fun Fest, an event that will be taking place at Waterloo Park in Austin on Friday, December 1st. Of course, we don't want to get all "Keep Austin Weird" on you, and not every band playing this thing is completely legit, but there are certainly some pleasing highlights: Spoon, Peaches, Black Angels, Dead Meadow, Octopus project, Oranges Band, Prefuse 73, Dj Mel and of course, the return of Circle Jerks. Tickets go on sale on Friday, and you can get more information by clicking on the link above. I can't imagine what the Circle Jerks will be like... I'm picturing either a massive success or a huge trainwreck. Either way, it'll be fun to watch. 25 bands, three stages, not sure about the price quite yet. The line up:

Indie stage:

Spoon 8:50-10:00
Peaches 7:30-8:30
Black Angels 6:30-7:15
Lucero 5:30-6:15
Dead Meadow 4:30-5:15
Octopus Project 3:30-4:15
The Oranges Band 2:45-3:15
Drag The River 2-2:30

Punk stage:

Circle Jerks 8:55-10
Negative Approach 7:55-8:40
Riverboat Gamblers 6:55-7:40
Electric Frankenstein 5:55-6:40
Lower Class Brats 5-5:40
Applicators 4:15-4:45
Krumbums 3:30-4
Iron Age 2:45-3:15
ADHD 2-2:30

Dance Party stage/tent:

Prefuse 73 9-10
DJ Mel 7:50-8:50
Quintron and Miss Pussycat 6:50-7:35
Ghostland Observatory DJ set (Thomas Turner) 5:35-6:35
Learning Secrets 4:25-5:25
Dirty South Ravers 3:15-4:15
Whitey 2:30-3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh oh, return of the Circle Jerks?



2:17 PM  
Blogger Silence Productions said...

you guys missed a hell of a show in Dallas, State Bird, those guys are talented.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fwd: Update: Email to The Door in Dallas

Hello Door in Dallas, and thank you for considering our email:

We are a young, ambitious band with a heart for Christ

We are the band Landhome hailing from Denton, Texas. Our favorite things to do on the weekend is practice in the garage on Friday night, watch the edited version of The Patriot and go to bed at 9. We try to go to the Door in Dallas every Saturday night, so that we can dip into our earlobes with the wooden tongs of musical comprehension the scalding stew of diversity you provide and slop into our bowl like heads with potent sides of talent, 4/4 time and Jim Dunlop picks. With these ingredients of utter fame, we mesh together a meaty hamburger dripping with talent and sundry arrangement of unswerving awareness of the harmony of earth, sea and economy.

So often have we quenched our raspy throats and parched lips with a cool, sweaty glass of being-in-a-Christian-smokeless-environment iced tea, strained through the finest bleached hairs of dykes amongst your miscellaneous play by play commentators, embraced by camera straps with a painting on the other end. A painting dripping tears of water-color perspirations over lush brows of starving young artists; culinary artists of a chemical feast. Believe us, Christ has never been such a deluxe luxury. These musical excursions are much tastier than Passover at Krispy Kream. A crowd of kreamy souled children, bound down mandatory pergatory.
Your booking agents serve as the timeless lunch lady figuring to feed her own children, too she dishes out appetite to a starving two dollar generation. The volunteered employees of music its very self, take home every night the leftovers of meals that even champions are not worthy of. They feed it to their dogs and cats and birds and sing by the campfire “Comprehensive note, I knew you not”

As you may can tell we are as involved poetically with our culture as well as musically, and we lace our words mutually sacred as if a frail, beautiful, minute of a child. A child reared in the glorious countryside home life of the Lord and whoms bare butt behind is mature, reddened, and calloused by the rod of Jehova Jira’s ark of the covenant of marriage.

Worthy not are the homeless in the streets! But as they gather at the candle lit doorstep of the Door, let them be balmy with the endless potential of being lazy.

Our favorite consistent act is Lynne and we enjoyed seeing Open Fire. We have just now got our EP out called “EP” and we are now looking for ways to get better known. What better way than the Door in Dallas.

Our contact information is as written:

Band Name: Landhome

Phone: xxxxxx


City: Denton, TX

Genre: Although “EP” sounds kind of screamo, we have just recently hopped on the ever growing metalcore band wagon, In which our hope are to someday steadily hold the reigns as we plow into the gloomy forest of success and protect its weary travelers from the mischievous and deceiving roadside attractions of good music.

Although of late notice, we look to play theatre stage on the date of Oct. 27 (being this Friday) as we noticed the open slots. Despite the late notice for you guys, and our fan base, we still wish to play as we believe with avid flyer posting we can have a tremendous turnout. Already we are tying off knots in the rope we strap to tiny quail, with pamphlet filled capsules detailing the birth of Christ while suggesting worldwide attendance of the non denominational church of talent on the 27th of October: The Door in fucking Dallas. We would be psyched to be playing on the stage in the room next to The Echoes. The Echoes are our favorite fucking band ever. They are like a bandage to the knee in the heat of summer sprawls.

We would mail you our 5 song album “EP” but I don’t imagine it would get there in time. If not for the reason postal service would jam it every single day. Compare us to a Christian version of Atreyu as we have yet to register on myspace due to our parent’s wishes.

Thank you Russell Hobbs for doing something great and please consider our band,

Many thanks,

Thank you,


Best wishes,

And in the burning brand of Christ,


3:34 PM  
Anonymous Nick Nance said...

who the hell is landhome

is this we shot j.r. update?

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You kids today...
I remember growing up in an evangelical household long ago.
One particularly popular visiting preacher explained how rock music was actually the demonic sounds of Hell being channelled through the performers.
What could possibly be more ironic than "christian metalcore"?
OK, never mind that last question. I'll tell you what is more ironic.
The Door.
It was once The Prophet Bar and back then... it rocked.
Big time.

8:11 PM  

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