Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art List

I should probably start off with an announcement that And/Or Gallery will soon be closing its doors. Keri, the assistant at And/Or, sent us this:

"Yes, And/Or is closing for the moment. Paul is moving to NYC in
September and I'm pretty much going as well. We are thinking about
re-opening the gallery in NYC in 2010. But we have a show with Chad
opening May 9th, and we may do one more show after that."

Sniff. It will be a sad day when they finally move out...

Onto the list:

James Bland: Texas Artists' Portraits, Part 1 (CADD Art Lab) 6-9pm
Portraits of 44 North Texas artists with their work.

Edward Setina Artist's Talk (Centraltrak) 6-8pm

**Charley Harper exhibit closing today at Public Trust. Check out Holly Jefferson's interview with Nick Z, showing at Public Trust next week.

Cliff Garten: Organic Geometries (William Campbell Contemporary) 6-8pm


...and so we beat on, ceaselessly: The Photography of Jeff Riley (Firehouse Gallery) 6-8pm
From 8-10:30pm Nick Hennies and Sandy Ewen of the Weird Weeds will perform. Artist's reception is free, the show following is $5.

Christopher French: As the Land and the Air Is (Holly Johnson)6-8pm

Letscher, Lapthisophon, and Ottinger (Conduit)5:30-8:30pm

Spatial Shifts: Jay Shinn and Rupert Deese (Marty Walker)6-8pm

Maysey Craddock & Faith Gay (Pan American) 5-8pm

Wu Jialin: Homelandand Don Schol: Vietnam Remembrances (PDNB)5-8pm

Breaking The Sound Barrier: Music Series #5(Haley-Henman) 7-9pm

Jordan Fein and Desirae Embree: Non-linear Equations (Avenue Arts)

Image courtesy of Metrognome Collective and Jeff Riley.


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