Thursday, April 30, 2009

It List: Thursday

First things first. I want to mention that the voting is open in Quick's "Big Thing." The winners will be announced at the annual celebratory show; this year it's June 5th, at The Granada.  I think the nominees, once again, are more comprehensive and accurately representative of the actual state of local music than just about any other local, nominee-based awards event.*  Even though I may not be into everything that Hunter Hauk writes about, that's kind of the point.  He continues to be one of the most objectively apolitical writers in town, even when he is on the receiving end of harsh criticism.  And get this: he can actually name the correct city a venue is in when doing a show preview.  Amazing.  

Fleetwood Mac (American Airlines Center):  So, I recently got tangled up in a stupid music argument, as I so often do, this time about whether or not Lindsay Lohan's interest portraying Stevie Nicks in a film is an unthinkable blasphemy that this seventies icon shouldn't be subjected to. Give me a break. I think Lohan is the perfect pick for such a ghastly rock personality, and the fact that Nicks herself was appalled only strengthens my case.  Is there a more annoyingly shaky and quivering voice in all of popular music?  I love weird voices, but there's something about her singing that's often unbearable.  Ever heard her cover "Silent Night?" And her dreary hippie-witch getup that is often regarded as equally as influential as her music, can really make you grateful to have spent your twenties around day-glo leggings more than anything else.

I probably don't hate Fleetwood Mac as much as I used to, and I guess Lindsey Buckingham is a much less cheesy guitarist than most guys in a huge band from this era have any right to be.  That's probably the best thing I can say about their post-Peter Green work.  Just hope that Stoned Ranger gets them next time, so he can tell you how much he loves to play "Rumours" on his Nano when he's jogging.  

Cake (Palladium): I could pay $35.00 for "cake" at the Palladium. Just not this Cake at this Palladium.

The Enright House/Waterfalls (Mountain House located at 5320 Tremont in Dallas):
Running out of time here, so I'm going to let Mountain House's own Evan Horn describe this in his own words (from his Myspace):

...having a house show this Thursday night, April 30th.
both bands do this ambient, lost at sea, drone thing,
not too different from what Hauschka, Eluvium, or even
local heroes, Mom, are doing. expect the sort of sounds
that you might hear from a beach-front shoemaker shop,
or recordings taken from inside the boobs of a volcano.

very minimal stuff.

The Enright House is from New Zealand, and will play at 10pm.
Waterfalls is Dallas' John Barker's new project and will open at 8pm.
this is a free show. bring your own whatever.

DJ Wild In The Streets (The Amsterdam Bar)

Sun Club (Rubber Gloves)

*Stoned Ranger was one of many qualified panelists. I would like to think that the nominees would be just as diverse, even without our input.


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