Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Devlin & Darko/The Party (Plush): You have to RSVP to get into this show (by sending one to, which is either part of the setup at Plush, or maybe it's due to the potentially large crowd that two guys from Spankrock's crew might bring out. I'm not sure. They are also part of the Baltimore Bass Connection, which is somewhat self explanatory and they mix everything from Kurtis Blow to the Talking Heads in their playslists, which caused a coworker to ask me if I was listening to Girl Talk earlier today. I had to politely explain that this was in fact, "not a mashup."

Speaking of which, The Party's theme tonight is "Anything But Mashups," and it's one I'm sure will find a lot of support around here. Oh, and I hear that the Funktion One Sound System will also be utilized and that it's the "best in Texas and/or Southwest." Can I get a soundguy confirmation on that?

Left Of The Dial With DJ G (Rubber Gloves:) Saw a preview online of some of the stuff that will be played tonight: Clan Of Xymox, A Certain Ratio, Chris & Cosey, Section 25, Dream Syndicate etc. Sounds fun. Can I request some Blue Orchids?

Anthem Night With Prince William/Females/Yeah Def (Hailey's): How did Prince William snag that URL, by the way? How the hell was it not already taken?

ADD: The Beets/Spittle/Circus Monkey/Powerline (1919 Hemphill)


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