Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It List: Wednesday

First the list:

Left Of The Dial With DJ G (Rubber Gloves):

Cut Loose with Yeah Def (Hailey's)

The Polycorns/Josh Judkins/Keith P (The Cavern)

And a brief word about last night: It got a little crazy there at the end, after the announcement that the show was canceled. I thought the world's weakest, hippest riot was about to break out. I've never seen so many good looking people so unhappy. Anyways, I think The Granada is doing an excellent job of trying to remedy what is obviously an unpleasant situation, as the following forwarded email shows:

Fans of Granada Theater, and Crystal Castles:

We are very sorry for the unfortunate circumstances of last night's canceled Crystal Castles concert. Refunds are already taking place (04/15/09 10:00 am) It is the policy of The Granada Theater to never cancel shows, but sometimes matters are beyond our control. We pleaded with the band for several hours to play their set, but in the end they refused to perform...or apologize.

To make things right, we are offering something special to the people who bought tickets on our web site for Crystal Castles:

We will let all of you who bought tickets from come FOR FREE to the show of your choice.

There are a lot of you fine folks, so here's how this will work:

Email with a list of the top 5 shows you want to see from our calendar (in order of importance to you).

Include your order number from the Crystal Castles show.

As guestlist space permits, we will give you all tickets (1 ticket for every ticket purchased to Crystal Castles) to one of your 5 specified shows.

Please be understanding with us, we expect to receive 500+ emails with guest list requests, so we will deal with each and every one of you personally in the order we receive your emails.

Please exclude The Faint & Ladytron, Ryan Bingham and Brandi Carlile concerts from your lists as they are almost sold out.

Apologies to our friends Vega, who were very understanding about not being able to play the show last night. As it worked out, they were able to have a successful show of their own last night. We're looking forward to the next opportunity to have Vega here at The Granada!

We're terribly upset about the situation. Our fans have never been inconvenienced so greatly at our venue before, and we're doing everything we can to make it right.

Thanks for being so understanding.

Management @ Granada Theater

Order #: ___________________
Band of Choice:
(Put in order of importance to you, Tickets will be General Admission, if Reserved Seats are available on the show you can upgrade for a couple extra dollars night of show if you desire).
Our response to you will have the name of the band only and the quantity of tickets in the body of the email.
This will be all we will reply with.
You will be on the guest list for the night.
Print the page and bring it with you on the night of the show for extra confirmation. (Not required)

UPDATE: Indie-Verse 105.3 has interviews with Vega's Alan Palomo and Vega's manager, Danny Carissimi bringing even more first-hand insight on the situation.


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