Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Napalm Death/Kataklysm/Toxic Holocaust/Coliseum/Trap Them/Earthrot/Ebola Zaire (Ridglea Theatre): You've got to hand it to the ever-touring metal/grindcore etc. bands. They have got this merch thing down to a precise science. Go to any band's page from the various death metal/grindcore/d-beat genres and you'll always be bombarded with some insane gif flashing all the black look-a-like hoodies (pictured) these groups are pushing. It kind of ruins the whole effect doesn't it? It's akin to seeing a crust punk use a blackberry or a gang lord return his drink at Starbucks.

Most of these bands have been around for some time, as far back as such unthinkable years as 1991, or even 1982 in the case of Napalm Death. A lot has been lost since then, with Napalm Death peaking around the time of their first Peel Session but having flashes of brilliance here and there in the decades since. Even though die-hards always complain these groups haven't been good for decades, I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of them tonight, but perhaps not all seven. I doubt the crowd that does show up would appreciate Pegasus News calling this show "screamo" however.

Delmore Pilcrow/RTB2/Daniel Folmer/Tex Winters (J & J's Pizza): Portland.

Schwa/Prince Will/Select/Red Sean/Ishi (Tribeca): This is a big lineup for Wednesday night, in celebration of Tony Schwa's 21st Birthday. Oh, I mean it's free for 21 and up. Happy Birthday, Schwa!

Dubbel Dutch/Females/Yeah Def/Killanova (Hailey's)

Collin Rose/DJ PWR/Art by Amy G (The Cavern)


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