Monday, April 06, 2009

Screening: Tyson

We're definitely getting a dose of icons lately. Leonard Cohen last Friday, Morrissey this Friday, and tonight, Iron Mike Tyson. James Toback's new documentary of the controversial fighter, simply titled "Tyson," has been extremely well-received, with positive reviews and standing ovations at the various festivals in which it has been shown. I have admittedly been looking forward to seeing this film for over a year, and will finally get the chance tonight, thanks to Gordon And The Whale. They are presenting a preview screening at The Magnolia tonight, and you can get in for free by printing out the Facebook invite here. Film to start at 7:30, but you should arrive extra early due to limited seating.

PS-For those of you who think it's terrible to be promoting a film about such a flawed character, most likely the same crowd that sips Cabernet while intellectualizing Capturing The Friedmans or Chicken Hawk, look, just give me a break already.


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