Friday, April 17, 2009


We have a lot more shows listed on our show calendar (including shows at Doc's, 1919 Hemphill, Hailey's and more) for this busy weekend, but here are some things to do:


Furnace/Finisher/Trifle Tower/Big Fiction (Exploding House): Furnace and Finisher are two touring New England hardcore bands. Despite all of the good things I've heard about Furnace, I think that Finisher might be the more impressive of the two bands. They utilize the growling singer/screaming singer tag-team technique you hear less and less of lately, and they have a more to the point style of rock that avoids the dramatic breakdowns employed by Furnace. Show starts promptly at 8:30.

Hjertestop/Tolar/Wiccans (818 Hickory St.): Though I'm told this show is "so punk that the floor will cave in," I have my doubts about that rather ambitious goal. Hjertestop hails from Copenhagen and they play rhythmically tight punk about throwing rocks at cops and shit; the kind of thing that Europeans tend to pull off more charmingly than anyone else at this point in punk history. Tolar are a known brutal quantity, and the new Wiccans' recordings (now posted) are so good that I was fooled into thinking they weren't analog.

Del The Funky Homosapien/Mike Relm/Bukue One/Serendipity Project (Granada)

Starlight Mints/Dove Hunter/The Crash that Took Me/Burning Hotels (Longhorn Saloon)

Uptown Fridays with Select (Zubar) Launch Party with
Yeahdef/DJ G (Hailey's)

Social with Keith P/Females (The Cavern)

No Genres with Blixaboy/Cygnus/PWR (Absinthe Lounge): We're told that Wanz and company will be spinning "challenging" electronic music, which I'm guessing involves the more experimental side of IDM as well as maybe some ambient and things like that. Cygnus is always great. I'd mention more specific genres, but they did say NO genres.


Dan Deacon & Ensemble/Future Islands/Teeth Mountain/Fight Bite (Fort Worth Modern): A timely, fantastic show put together by Spune as part of the Ft. Worth Modern's Modern Till Midnight series featuring Dan Deacon and his ensemble, which apparently consists of more than a dozen other musicians, mostly from Baltimore, who are involved in some level in the now famous Wham City collective. Baltimore's Future Islands feature a more new wave leaning take on that signature Wham City spazzed synth pop aesthetic, and they do it fairly well, while Teeth Mountain explore highly rhythmic, almost tribal compositions that will probably sound fantastic live. Tickets are available by calling the Modern or at the door before the show. starts promptly at 8pm.

ADD: Pocket Change/Slackbeat/Divorce/Kaboom/2 Mai (1314 Austin St., Denton)

Erykah Badu/White Denim/Starlight Mints/Farah/True Widow and more (Good Records): Good Records will be celebrating "record store day" with what has to be the largest event they've ever held, with a full line up starting at noon and going well into the evening. You can check our show calendar for the full line up of all the bands and start times. The store says that if it ends up raining tomorrow, they will move their outdoor stage next door to the Beagle, while all the indoor performances will continue as scheduled inside the store.

Darktown Strutters/Nana and Popo/The Great Tyrant (Annex House): Probably the best show I've seen at Annex House so far, so stop by and check out Dallas' latest House venue.

Bettie Blood Burlesque/Enemies (Mable Peabody's)

Record Hop/RTB2/The Timeline Post/Drink to Victory (Rubber Gloves)

Dance Your Face Off with Bird Peterson/Prince William/Genova/Yeahdef (Fallout Lounge)


ANS/Unit 21/Teenage Cool Kids/Opposite of God/Druids on Parade/the Reprehensibles (Rubber Gloves): Teenage Cool Kids will be headlining this one.

Bee's Fifth Benefit with Matthew Gray/Abacus (Dan's Silverleaf)


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