Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Holy Fuck/Crocodiles/Damaged Good$ (The Lounge): Holy Fuck has gotten a lot of mileage out of a "crazy band name," but in reality they are one of the safest groups around, playing instrumental music that is somewhere between the emotional hollowness of Neu or perhaps a much more subdued Battles, with less flashy drumming. They are so safe in fact, that according to a recent Sterogum article, they are actually lending out their music to the wounded car company, Chrysler. Also curious about Holy Fuck is the fact that the "electronic" element is really emphasized in any article about the group, but to my ears, the straight-ahead rock rhythms are the most overpowering aspect of their music, no matter how many blips are thrown in. That's not a complaint about the band itself, but more of the inexplicable way that music writers can pigeonhole acts in ways they may not necessarily deserve or even ask for. I would actually like to see them live to see if I still feel the same way afterward.

Crocodiles have been mentioned a lot for sounding like Jesus And Mary Chain, a sound which has been attempted so many times at this point, who even needs Jesus And Mary Chain themselves? You can listen to an entire genre of groups that sound exactly like them. They also lose some points for putting the name "Jesus" in the title of one of their records. Not a smart move, fellas. Damaged Good$ are opening the show, which guarantees that this will be a big, fun event, despite any derivative tendencies on the part of the artists, or misguided overemphasis on the part of the journalists who love them.

Very Disco: A Daft Punk Tribute (House Of Blues): So two guys from Athens, GA tour to try to recreate the Daft Punk experience as closely as possible, since Daft Punk almost never tours the United States. Definitely gives you some perspective as to how huge Daft Punk truly is, the fact that a tribute band covering their music plays the House Of Blues. Can you imagine if they play Dallas anytime soon? The city would probably crumble.

Merle Haggard (Bass Performance Hall)

Left Of The Dial With DJ G (Rubber Gloves)

ADD: Woven Bones/Bad Sports/Uptown Bums (Majestic Dwelling Of Doom located at 731 Texas St.)


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