Thursday, July 02, 2009

Art List

Art List is quick and dirty this week because:
  1. you don't really care

  2. it's my birthday!
July 2 also happens to be the First Thursday of the month, so all the galleries on Dragon Street are staying open until 8:00 PM. Somehow they equate that with "late". I guess it is if you're old enough to afford artwork...


Kris Hundt, Justin Brett Vander, and Erica Felicella
Buli Cafe
3908 Cedar Springs Boulevard, Dallas, Tx 75229

Erica Felicella is good people. Major player in the annual Art Conspiracy. You probably need to spend some Buli Bucks anyway...


First Thursday Receptions (all 6-8 PM)

Rex Ray, Heyd Fontenot, and Alejandro Diaz
Conduit Gallery

Femme Fatale
Virginia Fleck, Sharon Louden, Kim Cadmus Owens, Kim Squaglia, and Sarah Walker
Holly Johnson Gallery

Darlene Wall & Cuban Collective
Pan American Projects
"Pan American presents work by native Texan Darlene Wall, as well as a collective exhibition of contemporary Cuban artists Gustavo Acosta, Agustin Bejarano, Kcho, Jorge Lopez Pardo, and Diego Torres."

Michael O'Brien: The Face of Texas
Don Schol: Vietnam Remembrances
Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery
"In a bold decision to show work other than photography, PDNB is exhibiting longtime UNT faculty member Don Schol's recent woodblock suite titled Vietnam Remembrances."

Quadrivial: New Gallery Artists
Sylvia Benitez, Misha Gordin, Greta Gundersen, and John Schuyler.
Thornwood Gallery

Seems like the only other thing happening this weekend is...


Life Cycles
Carol Cook
Goodrich Gallery of the First United Methodist Church
1928 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Tx 75201
Sunday, July 5, 12:00 Noon - 2:00 PM

I guess no one wants to open on the Fourth of July. America haters!

Image courtesy of Erica Felicella


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