Thursday, July 02, 2009

It List: Thursday

Bone Awl/Ashdautas/Volhan/Lychgate/Ashes (House Of Tinnitus): Novato, California's Bone Awl, a group that has received tons of praise from black metal purists and casual observers alike, is stopping at House Of Tinnitus tonight on their first ever tour, and I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard about the choice of "venue." I knew something was up when my boss's daughter, who listens exclusively to black metal, excitedly told me that Bone Awl was playing "some weird place in Denton I've never heard of." This should work out well for H.O.T., not to mention the bands and the audience, and I'm curious as to whether there will be a good part of the crowd that's previously never been to a show there.

After numerous analog-only releases on the group's very own Klaxon Records, the mystery surrounding the band has cultivated a lot of interest for an underground American black metal outfit that's never toured, even landing them a show review in Time Out New York after a recent set in Manhattan. More importantly than that of course, is the group's sound, an intense take on the genre that is embedded with a brutal simplicity that makes the music itself very similar to 80's American hardcore, though the aesthetic (as well as the screaming) is certainly different. Two other Klaxon acts, Volhan and Ashdautas, will also perform. The bill is harshly rounded out by two non-metal, noise-oriented acts, Lychgate and Ashes. Oh, and please donate accordingly.

Peter Hook DJ Set (Lizard Lounge): What does one of the most influential bassists of all time spin when he goes on a DJ tour? I'm not sure exactly, and I've definitely heard mixed first-hand accounts, but let's hope it's not any of the mostly jokey tracks featured on Hooky's Myspace page.

Top Notch Thursdays with Sober (The Cavern)

Astronautilus/Matthew Gray/Hello Lover (Rubber Gloves)

Wild In The Streets
(Amsterdam Bar)

80's Night


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