Thursday, July 09, 2009

It List: Thursday

Low (the Loft): We've all had those dreams that involve us suddenly realizing that we have some kind of deadline at work we didn't prepare for or a really important test at school we didn't study for, and I sort of got a taste of that feeling this afternoon when I realized that I had to write about low today but had never really sat down and listened to a whole Low record all the way through. It seems strange, really, as I've sort of followed their careers from afar since the mid 90's, and have known countless people throught the years who have considered Low to be one of their favorite bands. Their mostly quiet and minimal arrangements and their often stunning harmonies have always been somewhat interesting in a certain context, although based on the rather limited amount of time I've spent listening to them over the years, it seems they've tried to diversify their sound a bit in recent years to varying degrees of success, trying to rock a little more here or add more electronics there. The point is that even for a person like me, who's a sucker for drugged out atmospheric music as well as quiet and depressing music, neither Low's music nor the stories surrounding the members of the group have ever compelled me to do much more than passively note "oh this is Low, this is pretty good I guess" as I listen to them on someone else's stereo. This isn't meant to be harsh, just honest, and besides-- after 15 plus years, how much is really left to explain about these guys?

Top Notch with Sober with Tony Schwa and Luke Sardello (the Cavern): For those who don't know, Luke Sardello was a major figure in the Dallas dance scene in the late 80's and 90's. He was one of the first to bring Chicago and Acid house to Dallas in 88 and 89 and began frequenting Dallas' underground warehouse party/rave circuit in the 90's. Should be a lot of fun to see out at the Cavern this evening. Read a nice Central Booking interview with Sardello here.

80's Night with DJ G (Haliey's)


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