Thursday, July 16, 2009

It List: Thursday

Neil Hamburger (The Cavern): Neil Hamburger has been killing me for years; I have no idea why I haven't seen him live. The Cavern is probably the perfect place since it's so small, and if you can't tell by now, I'm very into uncomfortable, or as I have mentioned previously, Funcomfortable performances. Anyways, expect Hamburger to delve into favorite topics such as incurable illness, pop stars, the internet, God etc. Of course these are well covered topics by many comedians, but you may have heard by now that Neil Hamburger's routine is that he's not funny, which is funny depending on your view of such anti-humor. He is responsible for my favorite prank call recording, "I'm In Your Band," where he answers an "alternative bass player wanted" ad and proceeds to try to convince the gentleman that placed the ad, that he is in fact already in his "fucking band" and that the guy can use all of his "fucking songs...lyrics too!," and "let's fucking jam." He also has a great way of dealing with hecklers, which should be a great show for this notoriously heckle-happy town.

Roxy Cottontail/Big J (Suite): Suite continues to increasingly absorb shows that were once at places like Zubar, The Cavern, or even The Loft, and though the RSVP and dress code setup are often complained about, having Cool Out in the Suite Basement, as well as acts like Roxy Cottontail certainly help in the face of the club's notoriously exclusive reputation. Roxy of course, is most known as the woman who brought the B-more sound to New York (and by proxy, the rest of the world), and will most likely be remembered as one of this decade's most successful out-of-nowhere promoters. It is as a musician however that she eventually began increasingly focusing energy on, whether it be through recording collaborations with artists such as Armand Van Helden and Melo-X, or through her very own DJ sets, which she takes very seriously and gave us this gem of a quote, "...I have great music taste as well, so why shouldn’t I be DJing?” Indeed. To RSVP:

PVC Street Gang/Followed By Static/Cocky Americans/Hormones (Andy's Basement)

Billingham Defense System/Ctrl Alt Del (Fallout Lounge)

Rise Against/Rancid (Palladium Ballroom)


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