Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Not a lot going on today, but we've just added a Not New Music Tuesday post below this one, so there's that.  More to come....

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Screening (House of Dang): I know I saw this movie when it came out, but other than the sequence that made up the "Smooth Criminal" video, I'm having a hard time recalling exactly what it consists of.  What?  You want me to research it on the world wide web?  Fine-- you can check out the first part of the movie here, where the filmmakers apparently compare Jackson to both Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.  And JFK.  Or maybe those are just the themes to "Man in the Mirror," since all the aforementioned figures wanted to make the world a better place, took a look at themselves and made that change.  You can also watch this part here, which I like a lot better (especially the video for "Human Nature," which has become one of my favorite MJ songs over the past week).  Anyway, this will be a lot of fun to watch at House of Dang, and it starts at 8pm if you're interested.  Its' free of course, and BYOB.  

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