Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Etc. Etc. and Present Gold Party with Classixx/Hoyo Toho/Mountblood (Suite):  The only really amusing thing about Suite is the fact that no one can seem to figure out who they're cooler than when they're there.  You see, for those who haven't been, Suite is divided into two levels-- the main upstairs floor, which is a bottle service douchebag fest that somehow gets away with having a "strict guest list" despite the fact that no one with even an average IQ would want to be caught dead up there on most nights, and the basement floor, which is where Big J and friends host their Friday night events geared more towards the Dallas hipster/scenester set.  The basement dwellers rightly see the upstairs floor for what it is, a bunch of meatheads, SMU brats and strippers who aren't on the schedule for the night, but the problem is that there are separate entrances, and the security guards will not permit the basement patrons to enter the upstairs main floor, thus implying that anyone downstairs is missing something upstairs, and might, in fact, be less cool than the very people they look down upon (or I guess, literally, up upon).  You follow me?  

Anyway, the whole dynamic is kind of gross, and Suite is one of those classic Dallas places that believes itself to be infinitely classier and more important than it actually is.  The good news is that Etc. Etc. is bringing some solid DJs to the club, and if you can stomach the aforementioned  environment, then you'll probably have an excellent time.  Tonight Etc. Etc. has teamed up with Dallas/Los Angeles fashion/scene blog, which is apparently run by what I'm told are "influential" people who seem to be of the more glamorous hipster persuasion.  What exactly it is they influence I'm not clear on, but whatever.  I don't have the energy to find out.  Anyway, these two entities will be teaming up to bring Los Angeles' much buzzed about Classixx to Dallas.  Classixx seem to be into the fairly standard hipster friendly mix of Balearic, disco, house, and contemporary Italo influenced jamz popularized by Kisune and the like, and their Myspace includes remix work for Phoenix and Major Lazer, among others.  It's nothing new to anyone who's been following this music for a while, but its mostly good remix work, and I imagine their set will be an entertaining one.  Dallas based Hoyo/Toho will open things up.  

Fight Bite/Wild in the Streets (The Cavern):  Nice pairing tonight at the Cavern.

Supersuckers/Speeddealer/The American Fuse (Granada):  I remember back when I liked pretty much everything on Sub Pop just because it was on Sub Pop.  But I still didn't like these guys.  Neo rockabilly punk rock drinkin' music for people who like hard workin' rock bands my man.  And cussing.  


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