Friday, July 17, 2009


Have to be more brief than usual, sorry. DL and SR wrote this, but mostly DL. See if you can guess who is who and see if we care. I doubt you do. You guys are the best.


Even more options for this weekend in our show calendar..... shows:


Summer Spotlight Late Night with DJG (Dallas Museum of Art): Hopefully people will leave their 80's Night behavior back in Denton, as I don't think the DMA could afford to clean that up.

Big J/Chicken George (Suite): RSVP to and use the side door ya turkey.

The schedule was a little confusing, but it appears, according to flier we've located, that all the following house shows are occurring tonight:

Survive (Stake House 5715 Junius):  Sounds pretty good actually.  Wish someone would have told us about this sooner.  Starts like now.... 9pm.

Sydney Confirm (5123 Victor, Victor House, Dallas):  1130 PM

Lose Lips Sink Ships (Mountain House, 5320 Tremont, 1015 PM/Caddywhompus (Annex House,1207 Annex Ave., 1245 AM)


Fight Bite/Darktown Strutters/Akkolyte/The Great Tyrant/Eat Avery's Bones/Personal Victories (The Chat Room) This is a show not only for Ben Rogers' birthday but will also work as a benefit show for The Metrognome collective, a project he has been going full-force on since taking over a while back. As for the lineup, this includes mostly familiar acts save for the fairly new solo project, Personal Victories, fronted by Faux Fox's George Quartz, who we have recently posted some tracks by, including one earlier today from a separate project. Personal Victories also includes two more members of Faux Fox, two members of Mission Giant and an ex-member of Falcon Project, Thorazine Dreams, and Furniture Of The Gods. So this should be a good mix of some of the local underground's most interesting performers, spanning two decades.

Spector 45/New Science Projects/Shiny Around the Edges/True Widow/Fergus and Geronimo/Bad Sports/RtB2 (The Cavern): Neil Hamburger performed last night and I was noticing how similar the New Science Projects falsely coughing and hacking into the mic gag is to Neil's bit. Young Dale Projects finds himself the lone Jimmy Vaughn-like blues-man on the bill here (EDIT: FORGOT RTB2 is playing, maybe they can jam "Family Style" since they played together), along with what is mostly punk bands of either the leather-jacket, greaser gang, Deep Ellum variety (Spector 45) and the no-frills Denton variety (Bad Sports), as well as a couple of slower, more plodding, atmospheric groups (YW and SATE).

This show is most notable for the fact that it features a rather rare performance by the already much-discussed Fergus and Geronimo, and here's hoping that the group gets a fair chance to be taken at face value, rather than having to live up to an improbably large amount of pressure that they didn't necessarily ask for. Remember everyone: bands don't always ask for every uninformed idiot on the planet to write about them, it snowballs as soon people think they "should" write about something so as not to appear "behind the curve" or some other such ego-driven nonsense. Sometimes it's really not the artist's fault, as occasionally some random artist is unwittingly knighted with this kind of praise. And of course, some people seek out praise the way a dog hangs around the dinner table for scraps. All I'm saying is, don't hate some group simply because of hype, but simply because they suck. All that being said, Fergus and Geronimo do not suck. Thanks.

Yells at Eels/Zanzibar Snails/Akkolyte/Giggle Party/Snarky Puppy (Service Bar): Finally, Zanzibar Snails at Service Bar. A match made in awkward heaven.

I think Matthew And The Arrogant Sea have a knack for writing memorable songs, I really do, but man, their lyrics are devastatingly awful sometimes. I mean, unless your a 60's songwriting icon, you can't really get away with singing about Jesus and The Easter Bunny and shit like that, okay?

Happy Bullets/Amo Joy/Hardin Sweaty and the Ready to Go (Amsterdam):
I don't want to call anyone out, but you will learn to appreciate how fast the bartender at Amsterdam is after waiting for an eternity in line the way I did in Denton this past week. Socializing in line is part of the fun, I know, but sometimes local bands either just don't have much to say, or even worse, maybe too much to say.


For Your Pleasure with DJ G (Rubber Gloves)


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