Friday, July 24, 2009


Lots of new shows added to our show calendar, and here are some of the highlights for this weekend:


Pterodactyl/Church of the Snake/When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Handsome Kitten): Looks like there are a couple good things going on down in Expo Park this weekend, and this is one of them. Just two seconds ago, a part of one of Brooklyn's Pterdactyl's songs reminded me of Les Savy Fav, and I just wanted to take a minute to express how fucking overrated that goddamn band is. I've seriously never heard a single Les Savy Fav song that I can stand, and Tim Harrington has to be one of the most annoying hacks in underground history. They're one of those bands who has really good influences and ruins all of them. Anyway, Pterodactyl don't really sound like them, and they're much better for it. Fans of Deerhoof, Oneida, or even Animal Collective might dig this stuff, although the band incorporates bits of prog and other influences that add a dynamic thats a bit different than any of the aforementioned groups. Church of the Snake now features Denton's Shane English, and I'm sure this has only made them better. I like them a good deal better than some of the members' other project, Attractive and Popular. Lots of post-punk and no wave influences from Fire Engines to DNA, in addition to some hardcore and noise influences.

Jabee/Playdough/A-One/Sober (The Lounge): Pre party for this weekend's Kixpo sneaker and streetwear exhibition down in Deep Ellum. Check out this mix tape for a little preview of what you might hear this evening.

House of Dang and And/Or Closing Event feat. Disqo Disco (House of Dang): House of Dang will be shutting down at this location (not sure if they're opening up somewhere else or what) and And/Or is closing down for good, so they'll be hosting a huge party tonight starting at 7pm featuring free trash can punch and more, including a pretty big sale.

Keith P/Justin Vacant/Disqo Disco (Fallout Lounge): After party for the House of Dang event, will probably be a packed good time, as Disqo Disco seems to have created more or less a built in crowd for themselves at this point.

Dust Congress/Drink to Victory/Piccline/Kampgrounds (503 W. Sycamore, Denton): House show hosted at the home of Dust Congress' Nick Foreman. I hear he talks a lot of shit on the basketball court.

Magnolia Electric Co/Donkeys/Thousand Arrows (Rubber Gloves): Jason Molina's Magnolia Electric Co, currently based in the middle America indie oasis of Bloomington, IN, had always struck me as pretty middle of the road altcountry/folk, but for the most part, his work seems less annoying than this description would imply because the songs are just way better than most similar songwriters produce. Fans of Will Oldham and Uncle Tupelo will probably be into this, but they probably already are.

Darktown Strutters (620 Bolivar): I love seeing Darktown Strutters play live because the audience is usually especially fun to watch-- they start off thinking "omg this band is weird," but after a few minutes, everyone starts dancing and really getting locked into the grooves. I bet most of the people at this party will already "get it," though, so it might not happen tonight... people will probably be drunk and into it from the get go. It's really been great watching Darktown's live shows evolve over the past few months, and I know they're on our label and we're not supposed to "talk about" them or whatever, but don't hate the player, hate the game, people.

Boom Boom Box/Record Hop (Doublewide)


Tim Sweeney/Luke Sardello/Red Sean/Feezy/Red Eye (Excuses, 3025 Main St.): Ah, Dallas. You never know what you're going to get, as this is an excellent line up at a venue I've never really heard of. I'm willing to give it a shit, though, as DFA's Tim Sweeney will probably be a real treat. Sweeney's sets are eclectic in the true sense of the word as opposed to what passes for "eclectic" amongst hipster DJs these days, which typically means the DJ downloads shit from TONS of MP3 blogs. Sweeney will focus on house, disco, balearic, etc., but also works in some post-punk and other rarely-heard-on-a-dance-floor stuff that makes his sets a lot more interesting. Sweeney also hosts the highly respected New York based radio show Beats in Space, where he plays things like Carl Craig, T. Rex, Can, Dennis Wilson and Screamin Jay Hawkins in addition to dance stuff. Should be a great time.

Yellow Crystal Star/Wonder Wheel/Tan Dollar/Oicho Kabu (Majestic Dwelling of Doom): THE MAJESTIC DWELLING GUYS GOT THE DATE WRONG. THIS SHOW IS ACTUALLY ON TUESDAY NOW.

Hentai Improvising Orchestra/Yanari/PFF (F) T (Firehouse Gallery, Ft Worth): Solid show at the wonderful Firehouse Gallery featuring some truly interesting groups. Yanari is a group I hadn't really listened to until today, but the mix of free jazz with dub and noise works quite well and is certainly worth checking out if any of those genres interest you. Hentai's music is also compelling, and I imagine you get something different with every performance.

Phoenix Project Benefit with Embolization/Vorvadoss/Cleric and more (Phoenix Project): Massive event featuring a ton of hardcore, metal, and grind groups performing at 406 S. Hakell in Dallas. Starts at 4pm and includes free BBQ. Check here for full line up. Good to see this venue is getting up and running.



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