Monday, August 31, 2009

It LIst: Monday

(List by DL)

A couple of things to accompany the list today:

1. I was surprised to find out that director Spike Jonze gave praise to Austin-based photographer and video artist, Ben Aqua, on his "We Love You So-Where The Wild Things Are" website, where Jonze is promoting his much anticipated next film and describes the site as being "established to help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make this massive project a reality," which makes this all the more impressive.

For some perspective and bias, Aqua has shot some of my favorite musicians; everyone from members of Finally Punk, to Daniel Francis Doyle, and Yellow Fever.

2. Sober tipped me off to a project (via FB post) I was not aware of, but am now very interested in; an upcoming documentary release about the late, great East Coast MC, Big L. Entitled "Street Struck: The Big L Story," the documentary features rare footage, promos, and interviews with friends, family, and associates like Doug E. Fresh and DJ Premier. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's an official release date set, however you can find more info here.

The List:

Cool Out with and Schwa/Clever Monkeys (The Cavern): Before you head out tonight, take a minute to read the new Cool Out blog, which gives some intelligent insight on some of the diverse musical interests that have made this Monday night weekly such a success. Read about Fela Kuti, jazz violinists, Brazilian funk artists, and of course, more detailed info than you're likely to find elsewhere on the Cool Out guest for that night. In fact, he has a little writeup posted just today on tonight's guests, Sex And Fury, from the three-city-strong collective, The Broken Teeth Crew, who seemed to be everywhere this past weekend.

Bad Sports/Drug Mountain/The Uptown Bums/Fred Xeppelin and The Meatles (Rubber Gloves): Bad Sports are such an impressively forceful yet catchy band, that they have even done well in Dallas, not an easy feat for a bunch of Denton punks. I caught Fred Xeppelin and The Meatles at a cramped, A/C-free house show earlier this summer, where the group combined performance art, noise, and acrobatic vocal improvisations in a way that even caught the attention of a bunch of sweaty, uncomfortable people waiting to see a band literally called BFF. At the beginning of the performance, vocalist Sarah Alexander implored audience members to submit requests which she jotted down on paper. I asked for "Moon River" and was treated to some top 40 radio country hit. Brilliant. The always dependable Uptown Bums and Drug Mountain round out a very entertaining bill.

Sleepy Sun/True Widow (City Tavern): Though the Sleepy Sun bio claims their fans have a chant "Let's Get Weird!" at the group's shows, there is actually very little "weird" about the group's use of stoned, psych-folk hallmarks littered throughout the deliberate plodding music, where the speed, or the lack thereof, are used as a weapon. Dead Meadow is an admitted influence, and you can take a lot from that previously drawn comparison. Here's hoping they don't do what many of these groups do, and just go straight for the all jamming/all the time aesthetic hazard that some of these groups fall prey to. That just ensures you'll nurture a fan-base either too stoned to care or too bored to listen. It's funny how often that works though, I have to say. The somehow more direct, yet still methodically slow True Widow open.


Stranded/Rest If Us/Negaduck/Collick (1919 Hemphill)

Photo By Ben Aqua.


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