Thursday, August 13, 2009

It List: Thursday

Smith Westerns/Fergus And Geronimo/Teenage Cool Kids (Mable Peabody's): Somebody please tell me we weren't just arguing about math rock versus punk rock on here the past couple of days. Somebody please tell me we aren't arguing about the definition of lo-fi. Come on, I can't do this again guys. I'm not seventeen anymore and it's not 1997. I had to grow up and start listening to João Gilberto solo albums and ordering Americanos instead of espresso shakes. It's like all late 90's up in here lately. Anyways, I'm going to avoid delving into such philosophically treacherous subject matter, and just tell you that this will be a very good show, sure to satisfy pop-defending squares and snotty seven-inch collectors alike.

Smith Westerns are from Chicago and they mix in slower glam grooves and rhythms than you would typically find on a typical power pop/garage rock record these days. A Marc Bolan resemblance is often mentioned in reviews, and the group has validated that by citing him as an influence. The band seems more memorable as a result of sounding more like T-Rex than The Standells or Mystic Tide, as is often found with acts lumped into this category. And speaking of being seventeen, these guys are all like eleven or something. You know that WSJR loves middle school-core.

Fergus and Geronimo are back from a string of successful New York City dates and this is the kickoff show for what will basically be three months of touring if you consider the amount of time spent on the road between F&G and shared-member act Teenage Cool Kids all the way into the end of October. That's three months of excruciatingly hard work for most of these guys, but it's also three months away from this petty and semantically obsessive music "scene." Fellas, wait up! TAKE ME WITH YOU!

Juicy The Emissary/Listener Project/Yeahdef/Opsespenja/CS Rucker (Rubber Gloves)

Judas Priest/Pop Evil (Nokia)

DI/Spector 45/Scary Cherry And The Bang Bangs (Somewhere in Lakewood): Look it up, I refuse to type the name of this place since they refused entry to my friends and I once based on our appearance. Also: beware of reunited punk bands with Myspace pages done in comic sans.

80's Night With DJ G (Hailey's)

Top Notch Thursday With DJ Sober (The Cavern)


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