Thursday, August 27, 2009

It List: Thursday

Darktown Strutters/I Was A Lover, Delorean Was A Dealer/Transistor Tramps/Dj Baby Ruthless (the Lounge): Sort of a spotty line up at the Lounge tonight. I was a Lover.... has been compared in style to David Bowie in some of their press mentions, but in reality they kind of just sound like a more synth pop oriented Muse, and the results are fair at best, reminiscent of a band that would have sounded much more exciting much earlier in the decade. Transistor Tramps might have a slightly more coherent sound but are exactly like you'd think they are based on their name, and you'll probably be able to take it or leave it at most, although a few of their songs are, well, downright terrible. Darktown are unquestionably the highlight of this bill.

Weedeater/Dixiewitch/Blood Of the Sun (Doublewide): Southern Lord's Weedeater are an absolutely ferocious stoner metal that can easily be said to exist at the very top of that often confounding genre. Metal bands influenced by Pot isn't exactly the most brilliant sounding proposition of all time, obviously (says a guy with the dumbest stoner pen name ever), but with groups like Weedeater, the simplicity of the concept is a bonus, as the group does away with almost any sort of pretension in the interest of simply being punishing through and through. Austin's immensely respected Dixiewitch opens the show along with Blood of the Sun, a group that produces some interestingly theatrical yet rather effective metal that comes close to being over the top, even though the fact that that's kinda the point means that it mostly just rules.

Damaged Goods/Sober (the Cavern): Expect this to be a pretty packed party.

80's Night with DJ G (Hailey's)


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