Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It List: Tuesday

Anavan/Dazzler/Sydney Confirm/Blixaboy (Fallout Lounge): First of all, forgive us for overlooking the fact that Anavan also played Hailey's yesterday, and tonight at Fallout will probably be a much different set than last night when you consider the differences in atmosphere, size, and crowds between the two clubs. In short, this will be a much more "intimate" affair. Tuesdays at this venue often ride on the strength of Disqo Disco, but tonight will be a little different due to the mostly live bands that will certainly be pushing the limits of the often small sound setup (compared to many clubs), though that's not a complaint. In fact when I saw Stefan Gonzalez spinning an excellent set of hardcore music here recently, I wasn't exactly straining to hear anything.

Anavan tours constantly and it seems like I just previewed them last week. They are often written off as "one of those Smell bands," and they perhaps live up to the stylistic description more than most artists that might be written off as such, though it's hard to tell if people mean that as an insult or a compliment sometimes. I prefer them to touring mates, Dazzler, which is the project of Neil Schuh, formerly of Totally Radd!!. This project is not all that different from his former, and I am often reminded of the oft-overlooked contributions of breathtakingly annoying and now defunct cartoon act, Bis, when I hear some of this stuff. Here is a funny story about Schuh getting in a fight with the lead singer of Les Savy Fav. I love wimpy indie fights.

I'm not sure if it's his debut with the group, but I do know that artist and musician Fred Holston recently joined Sydney Confirm on keyboard duties, so give him a warm welcome tonight.

90's Night with Yeah Def and Ian Bangs (Hailey's)


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