Friday, August 28, 2009


Before we start:

Os Mutantes is playing La Zona Rosa (Austin) in October. I thought some of you might be interested in that.

Speaking of Austin, a lot of people have been asking what we think about the Fun Fun Fun Fest Lineup, do we think it's worth going etc. Well, am I supposed to be shocked that there's a festival in Austin with a lot of big names? I also saw The Jesus Lizard and Mission Of Burma when most of you were still listening to Everlast. Whatever. So, the short answer is yes, this will definitely be worth attending.


Select & AV (Murray Street Coffee located at 103 Murray St. in Dallas): Live stream here while it lasts.

Back To School Weekend Part I featuring Yeahdef/Left/Right/Vega/Fizzy Dino Pop w/Sore Losers/Sleepreader/Of Mars/Bangs/Cartright/Corporate Park/Super Puppy Faces!/Peopleodian/Peligro (Hailey's): One of many big "back to school" themed lineups in the next week, with tonight's highlights both being ex-members of Ghosthustler, oddly enough. Sometimes people still throw Ghosthustler around as an insult to any band that might use a synthesizer, and I don't have an especially mature response other than to say, "I'm sorry you grew up on Saddle Creek and I can't help you." Anyways, Corporate Park bears a slight resemblance to brainy early 80's and unlikely dance floor pioneers Crash Course In Science, and I'm glad to be able to say that any local artist reminds me of them. Whatever you may think of the music, this seems like a decent spot to hangout tonight, which is kind of the point.

Sounds of Seattle 2009 Tour Featuring Ten/Badmotorfinger/Facelift (House Of Blues): I once walked out of a North Dallas bar specifically because there was just a lone dude with a keyboard serenading the large douche population with a very mournful version of "Rooster," featuring nothing more than the rather introspective bro and the spare cheesy keyboard sound. It was probably set to "cello." This show is just like that times a million, which almost makes it cool. I will add this to my list of "nightmare first date ideas" along with the Frulatti at any area hospital or the "Cafe" at Fry's. And in case you didn't get it, yes these are Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains cover bands, respectively.

Broken Teeth crew with Sex & Fury/Vice Versa/Prince William/Anna Love (Zubar)

Stereo On Strike Atomic Party featuring Nervous Curtains/Akkolyte/Juan Solo/Blixaboy (Fallout Lounge): For those that may not know, Juan Solo is John Durbin of Thorazine Dreams, The Falcon Project, and more recently Personal Victories.

Red Animal War/Record Hop/The Timeline Post/Sunrise Cemetery (The Prophet Bar): This is the first of Red Animal War's two shows this weekend, a rather rare occurrence for the one-time Deep Ellum not to mention Deep Elm, favorite.

The Goldfish Girls (Absinthe Lounge): Two eleven year old girls spinning old school records.


The Missoula Oblongata presents "The Fifty Greatest Ladies and Gentlemen" (A Play) featuring music Sam & Shea/The Shortest Distance/New Science Projects (1919 Hemphill)

Depeche Mode/Peter Bjorn and John (Superpages Center):I'm not a big Depeche Mode fan, but I would never deny their legend and stature, and I just don't know if Peter Bjorn and John are appropriate touring partners. Case in point (from the Peter Bjorn and John Myspace page):

Influences: Most of all each other. Love & life. Girlfriends, movies, food, books, travelling (sic), relationships etc.

This sounds like very much like language heard in your average ad, which only means, however counter-intuitively, that it must be sincere. I think this band has improved past their whistling novelty hit of a few years ago, but probably not enough to be opening for Depeche Mode at up to eighty nine dollars a ticket.

Telegraph Canyon/Matthew Delves Into The Humanity Pools/Baruch The Scribe/Sans Soleil/Seryn/The Hand Combine (Hailey's)
I stumbled across a pretty interesting Pegasus News article on the concept for this show while doing some research today. Check it out.

Shaolin Death Squad/The Invincible Czars/Jungle Gym/New Magnetic North (Boiler Room)

Drink To Victory/Hawk VS Dove/Kaboom/Dear Human (Rubber Gloves): Featuring visual art by Terry Horn, Michael Little, Taylor McClure, Kris Swenson, Hank St. John.

Unit One Presents Sex and Fury/Anna Love/Select/Keith P (Fallout Lounge): Disco, Electro funk, Post Punk, Reggae, and Goth.


Night Of Progress: Division Of Power/Ill Factors/ko49 (1919 Hemphill): With a Haymarket Puppet Show, tables by local organizations, and free vegan food.


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