Monday, September 14, 2009

It List: Monday

Hey, did everyone read this Forbes article that says Dallas is number ten in the "America's Entertaining Cities?" I'm sure you did. Pretty eyebrow-raising. Number 9 is San Francisco and Austin is nowhere to be found. Hmm.

Tonight's events include the usual Cool Out at The Cavern, and Stefan Gonzalez playing hardcore, punk, grind and metal records for his Mayhem Mondays at The Fallout Lounge. I caught a good portion of the show at Fallout on Friday, and was impressed by the War Wizards and Convextion sets. War Wizards did not disappoint, raising the discomfort level to an all-time high by upping the ante with the involuntarily crowd-participation angle. Ouch. Such different acts on the same bill is a good thing in my opinion, even if the disparate crowds don't always assimilate so readily.

Video also put on a loud and vicious, yet very clean and well-rehearsed show at Rubber Gloves on Saturday. They are definitely "totally fucking punk" as one observer put it, but they also sound like they practice more than any band I've heard in a while. The best part is I'm sure I will get an e-mail or a random comment explaining that they never practice. Wish it came so easily to everyone.

We don't usually review our own shows, so here's a nice review of the show we hosted last week on by Laura Lately on her Radio Silence blog.

ADD: Yeah Def is celebrating Nas' birthday tonight, so expect to hear a lot of good tracks at Hailey's from the original 5 Mic winner.


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