Thursday, September 10, 2009

It List: Thursday

I hate when music writers have to tell you about how hard they partied last night, trying to somehow convince you that they are bad-asses instead of just overgrown nerds that spend too much time obsessing over the unbelievably unimportant minutiae of what college sophomores do in their parents' garage over the weekend. That being said, last night's show did take a lot out of me, and unfortunately as a result, I have to be rather brief.

Zanzibar Snails/The Annoysters/Welby/Wu Fru De Lu VS Space Dragon Killah (The Phoenix Project located at 406 S Haskell in Dallas): Welby is the solo project of "anti-music guru," Mark Church, who plays in The Watchers, and occasionally, Zanzibar Snails. This is a rather rare appearance by Welby, so be sure to catch it.

I've seen steadily employed local artist and Snails' founding member, Nevada Hill playing a cacophonic jumble of scrapes, streaks, and screeches on his electric violin, as opposed to guitar lately, and he seems to have embraced the treacherous instrument rather comfortably. The Annoysters and Muzak John are participants in the active Houston experimental/noise scene, which often centers around the wonderfully moniker-ed venue, Super Happy Fun Land. Zanzibar has an upcoming release entitled, "Vitiligo" on the Tape Drift imprint, while Wu Fru has a current release available from Asex Tapes.

Conscientous Projector Screening: The Corporation (1919 Hemphill)

Billingham's Defense System with Trademarx/Tommy Lee Jonez/Genova (Fallout Lounge)

80's Night With DJ G (Hailey's)

Top Notch With DJ Sober (The Cavern)

Tweetup At The DMA (Tech Lab, Dallas Museum Of Art): From the event description featured on the invite: "Thurs 9/10, "Tweetup" at the DMA! Meet fellow Twitter-ers & participate in a Twitter Gallery Hunt! 6:30-8:30, Free!"


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