Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It List: Tuesday And Introducing Our Two New Writers

I'm proud to announce a couple of new clever nicknames for you all to admire, have secret crushes on, and of course, spend your pathetic weekends obsessively trying to figure out their identities. They are Frank Phospate and Nite Maus, and I hope you are as thrilled as I am to read some writing that is not me or Stoned Ranger. Ok, here we go:

Rival Gang/RTB2/Drink To Victory/Violent Squid (Rubber Gloves): Another solid, diverse show at Rubber Gloves tonight, as free week marches on into its second day. Tonight is a great opportunity to see some bands that don't play outside of the DIY scene too often, whether by choice or otherwise. Ty Stamp, the grand master behind Violent Squid is always a curiosity piece. His live shows are not known for their consistency; every performance is a unique entity with a rotating cast of performers, instruments, and ideas. One thing you can count on is that the boundaries of what a live musical performance can be will be pushed. Ty has an eye for picking top notch people who know how to play off one another. Whether it is one person or an entire choir of avant-wunderkinds, you can expect a mind-melting experience.

To counter the previously mentioned free form artiness, you can expect a kick in the ass by Drink to Victory’s straight ahead punk rawk sound. If history repeats itself, all of the band members should be shirtless by the end of the set, a little something they throw in for the ladies I guess.

Fresh off the heels of their Observer "Best Of" something-or-other win, duo RTB2 will offer a nice calm between the Drink to Victory/Rival Gang storm. RTB2 usually get stuck playing with the same group of artists, limiting the reach that they deserve. This should be a great opportunity to be heard by a different crowd.

Last but not least, we have the Denton sex-pot trio, Rival Gang. The group draws a line in the sand early in their performance. You can choose to step across, or be a boring lame-o and go to the bar waiting for the “real music” to happen. Those of you that choose to stick around are in store for one of the more exciting bands around town these days. The chaotic nature of the music is an obvious pairing for a D.I.Y. setting, but works surprisingly well at a venue with a real PA and an unsuspecting audience. I was lucky enough to catch Rival Gang at, of all places, Dan's Silverleaf; the facial reactions of audience members that night was priceless. The music is messy, some times out of tune, perverse, abrasive and confusing. What good Rock n’ Roll should be. Unfortunately this will be the last time to catch RG for awhile so don't miss it. (FP)

Fruit Bats (Free Show Good Records followed by an appearance at The Loft): The Fruit Bats' latest release's popularity is as confusing to me as Fleet Foxes' moment in the spotlight last Fall. They're bands which are charming enough, listenable enough, poppy enough. And uninteresting enough to be one more forgettable addition to a club that really doesn't need more members (the Sub Pop club?).

I'm really trying to understand when inoffensive and unobtrusive music became the hottest commodity. Put out anything that sounds remotely like The Shins and you'll get a slobberfest over it. I mean, don't you remember that one scene in "Garden State?" Wasn't that just the cutest?

The only compliment I can give "The Ruminant Band" is that it might hold a spot in the always-great "Which albums can I give mom at Christmas?" list. I mean, Fleet Foxes was even sold out at the local Barnes and Noble last December (gasp). It's a harsh world out there, and to be making money with music is honestly kind of impressive.

If you do want to check them out, they'll be playing an in-store at
Good Records tonight at 7pm. I'm sure they'll be super nice and
perfectly adequate. (NM)

90's Night With Yeah Def and Ian Bangs (Hailey's): All I ever hear about in Denton is how this night is nearing capacity. You know what that means. Time to strictly enforce more of a Downtown Dallas dress-code at Hailey's. NO HOODIES, NO CUTOFFS, NO SANDALS, NO BAGGY JEANS. YOU GOT THAT? BIZ CAJ ONLY, BABY. (DL)

Disqo Disco (Fallout Lounge): Tonight's guest is Big J.


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