Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Neon Indian/Vulgar Fashion/Kashioboy /Between Set DJ Performances by Time Bandits (Rubber Gloves): It was very kind of Neon Indian to agree to do this show before the beginning of their extremely ambitious world tour, and I'd just like to get away from the blinding hype for a moment to say that Mr. Palomo has proven himself a little different from most in whatever genre he's tackling, and this advanced copy of their upcoming record that I've been listening to all summer would still be every bit as good if it came without all of the extra media attention. I honestly believe that. There is an inevitable backlash whenever someone gets soaked in the blinding beams of the music industry's PR-powered searchlights, and an artist's or group's actual output can be overlooked in the tired arguments about undue credit VS undue criticism. My point is, you should try to look past that, and take Neon Indian, their record, and their live show at face value. There is a lot to process; the attention to detail in the Rundgren and "What A Fool Believes" references, the always bubbling synth parts, and the intriguing story of a generally dance-oriented musician making a comparably more straight-forward, guitar-laden, pop record and actually pulling it off.

I've heard good things about Vulgar Fashion's live show, and I'm still looking forward to seeing them after hearing their "Krystal" tracks, "Krystal Lies," and "Krystal Navy." Denton video game manipulator, Kashioboy also performs.

Note: Darktown Strutters unfortunately had to cancel due to equipment issues.

Uh Oh/Wiccans/Dark Forces/Collick (The Lion's Den located at 622 North Austin Street in Denton): Uh Oh are here from Wisconsin, and are a pretty important part of Milwaukee's punk scene as far as setting up shows goes, and have helped out some local acts in that ever-important underground hub, from what I'm told. It's always nice to return the favor, which is the likely story for the show tonight. There is a lot of variety in their music; some lazy vocals, some yelling vocals, while a jumbled variety of tempos keep things interesting. The only constant is that it tends to stay within the parameters of catchy (but not poppy) punk rock; albeit a type that doesn't suck, avoids the wrong cliches, and embraces the right ones.

The Lion's Den is the newest show-hosting house in Denton, and it's nice to see the place has taste. So often now days, the story is about the fact that there is a house show, as if that in and of itself is special. You know what else is special? When all of the acts playing aren't total shit. This show starts at 7:30 sharp. Please help the touring band along by paying five bucks instead of just trying to steal all the Steel...Reserve.

Hip Hop Night With Yeah Def (Hailey's)


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