Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It List: Wednesday

The Get Up Kids/Youth Group/Pretty And Nice (Granada Theater): Who told emo it was okay to come out of its room? I thought it was still being punished. Combine this with the upcoming Sunny Day Real Estate show, and it's bad times all around. Goes to show that if you wait a decade, people will get nostalgic for anything.

The Ish with Hot Flash: Schwa/Genova/Killtron (Ghost Bar): This new weekly is held at Ghost Bar, and promises no pretension; no small task on the 33rd floor of the W Hotel. The event is free, however, and that's a good start. Photos by Dustin Hollywood. Presented by Helloooooo.

Geistheistler/Kyoto/Piccline/BC The Dinosaur (Rubber Gloves): If you think you can find a "web presence" from any of these bands, be my guest.

Starfucker/Deelay Ceelay/Binary Sunrise (Hailey's): I remember Starfucker getting a lot of praise from everyone that saw them at the most recent SXSW festival, and as it turns out their synth-driven pop songs have gotten so popular that they are choosing to smartly change their impossibly stupid name, a move they recently explained to the Portland Mercurcy, which you can read here.

Ishi/Indo/Cosmic Cocks/Artwork by Chris Crave/Thomas Fernandes (The Cavern)


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